Friday, February 17, 2012

2 Great Resources (In Case You Missed Them...)

I am sure that everyone else has been all over these two free RPG collections that have been offered recently but I am playing catch up.  Both offerings are listed below:

I am a big fan of both of these systems; including the original version of each.  I have even started doing some M20 conversion work on my campaign world to enable a "quick-play" version.  At one time, I was working on a Scoundrels of the Unknown expansion that would detail assassins and thieves for SoTU but it got abandoned due to work and school commitments at the time.  Anyway, if you are looking for a lite game (Microlite 20) or a minimalistic game (Searchers of the Unknown) or just want some free RPG goodies, you can not go wrong with these two collections.