Friday, February 24, 2012

RESIDENT EVIL 5 Retribution Trailer

Oh Hell YES!  Consider me one happy Resident Evil fan.  I had heard that it was in development, but now it looks like the fifth Resident Evil movie, Retribution, will be released this year.  I have seen all of the others and, in fact, own all of them on DVD.  Usually, I would voice my opinion that the source material - in whatever format - is typically much better than any adaptations.  I find Resident Evil to hold a unique spot on my list of favorites because I have enjoyed every form of the franchise that I have been exposed to.  Of course, I began with the first game back on the PlayStation and thought it was amazing.  Over the years, the games would continue.  I went into the first movie wit great skepticism because I thought it would probably be just another wretched attempt at a money grab riding a wave of popularity for quick cash.  I liked it and have liked all of the movies so far.  Finally, I borrowed several of the novels from my cousin and read them.  I enjoyed them so much that I bought the missing books in his collection.  Yeah, I am a Resident Evil junkie and I can not wait to see this installment of the movie franchise.    

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