Saturday, February 18, 2012

HeroQuest - A Missed Opportunity

HeroQuest, like Dark Tower, represents a missed opportunity for me.  I remember seeing it as a youth but I never did buy it or even get a chance to play it.  Since then, I have seen a few tattered separate rule books and a few old boxes in various states of disrepair.  The prices for these items were not in my "let's take a look" range of purchases so I did not get them.  I wonder if I made a mistake?  Obviously people enjoy the game since the used copies I have seen got a lot of play due to their condition.  I also have a recurring desire to design a board game with many of the same elements.  Does anybody have any experience with this game?  I am always up for a good tale...         


  1. Did you ever play Dungeon? I think it was around the same cost of the B/X box sets.

  2. I did play Dungeon a time or two. I do not remember much about it. I get the impression that it was "really simple" but I do not know that for a fact. I should have picked that up

  3. HeroQuest was great, and served as my gateway to D&D! When I started creating my own items, dungeons, and monsters, my mom got me the Classic D&D set.

    1. Very cool. Usually, D&D seems to be the gateway to other games.