Sunday, May 16, 2021

DragonRaid - a Closer Look (Part Four)

This is the final post in this series examining DragonRaid; this post was preceded by part onepart two, and part three   .  This post looks at the secondary material included in the box.

4 sheets of counters are included in the box.   

4 battle grids; 2 square and 2 hex.

1 Battle Worksheet (laminated).
Dice (not inked).
Coupon (a set of inked dice at a discount).
A flyer with a link to a reproduction of the audio cassette originally included.

2 pads of Character Worksheets (for character creation).
1 pad of Character Sheets.

DragonRaid themed note-taking sheets.
1 flyer for The Gryphon Heist.
An ink pen.

I have completed my examination of DragonRaid but I am not finished tinkering with the game.  I am going to go through character creation and try out a game session.  Look for more in the future...


  1. Very cool. I said it before, but there is a lot in this box. I am not entirely sure it is a game I could play, but it is fun to go over.

    1. I hear you on that. I'm still amazed at how much is crammed into the box. I'm definitely going to try character creation at some point but I'm not sure I could do a game.