Saturday, May 15, 2021

DragonRaid - a Closer Look (Part Three)

 This post was preceded by part one and part two of this series.

Adventure Guidebooks
The boxed set includes three modules which are labeled as Adventure Guidebooks.  Of course, they serve the same purposes as modules in Dungeons & Dragons.  These adventures should be played in the order pictured to the left as each book is noted as  Adventure One, Two, or Three on their respective title page.  The shortest adventure is 43 pages while the longest one is 77 pages and each one comes with removable resources in the middle such as cue cards, player briefings, maps and even more types of visual aids.

Adventure Master Manual
The Adventure Master Manual is also labeled as a "Leader's Reference" on the cover.  This is the only book in the box to come in a 126 page loose-leaf three hole punched format.  My initial impression is that this book will be referenced at times so it will prevent wear and tear by having it in a binder.  The contents are split into nine sections. Most of the information seems to cover the skills associated with your responsibilities as an Adventure Master and improving your skill in those areas.   Other topics include handling game problems, the allegory of DragonRaid, witnessing to non-Christians, and an index.  At first glance the standout section of interest seems to be section seven, Game Aids.  Many of the charts and lists in this area could have been collected in a product similar to the Dungeon Master's Screen.  In fact, that is the only thing that seems to be "missing" from this boxed set but it certainly is not necessary for play.   

I am going to wrap this post up now so I keep it all on the topic of Adventure Master resources.  The next (and final) post will cover the rest of the material included in the box such as character sheets, battle grids, and more.

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