Friday, April 5, 2013

E is for Expansion Material

E is for Expansion Materials

Expansion materials are part of just about every role-playing game.  The lone product with no additional material produced in support of the original product is the exception.  There are several fan made B/X expansions available on the internet.  I am assembling a document of the expansion material from these posts detailing my Toldara campaign.  I will make it available for download a short time after the completion of the A to Z challenge of 2013.

There will be several alternate ability score generation methods outlined.  Some of them will be familiar while others will be different.

I have several human classes and demi-human classes that will expand the options available to players; some will be specific to the world of Toldara while others will be more generic in nature.
I am working on some rules for familiars for the Witch class.
I have an idea brewing for some advanced classes that are upgrades to he regular classes.  They would basically be similar in concept to prestige classes but each one would only be available to a certain class.  For instance, a fighter could become a knight at later levels.
Of course, there will be world information on Toldara that will include a brief overview, map, deities, history, etc.
This is all a work in progress and who knows how some of this stuff will develop? 


  1. Oh the dangers of expansion material!! It isn't enough to just have the core book (or game in the case of Sims2) is it? I love the depth and scope of a world that expansions bring. I find it's there that the backstory of the world comes out strongly.

    1. Ha! I hear what you are saying. Sometimes the expansion stuff adds quite a bit of flavor and I like that. Sometimes it is just there to be there.

  2. Eh. Expansion materials is a never ending mine, I think.

    Story Treasury

    1. I agree. Sometimes the well spout opens and never gets turned off.