Saturday, April 13, 2013

L is for Locations

L is for Locations
Locations in the B/X Toldara campaign for adventure, exploration, and interaction is the subject of this post.  Of course, any campaign that lasts a while will have many locations for the PCs to visit for one reason or another.  Since I am starting over with the B/X Toldara campaign I am going to focus on one starting area that will provide a population center to serve as a base of operations along with some near and not quite so near locations to serve as opportunities for adventure.  The following notes will are to be used as a base for further ideas.

About the Town
Toldara is the name of the world.  I need a name for the town.

I want the name to be based on something to do with B/X; either using those two letters in the name or something similar sounding to Moldvay.  You get the idea.

The town is somewhere around 6,500 people and well established.

The town is close to a river (used for long transport) and they have established an outpost at a mine in the nearby mountains.

In the Town
There is a town square in the middle of town that has an announcement board with employment notices for guard duty, escort services, etc.

There are several taverns & inns.  The rougher crowd hangs out at The Bloody Claw.

Several religious organizations are present in the city.  (The Church of Grax, etc.)

Near To the Town
The nearby mine is a major source of income and the town exports many goods that are connected to their labors inside.  Rumors persist of “something” in the lower levels of the mines.

There are also some abandoned ruins in the mountain range.

Trail (trade route) leading off to several other towns.
The above is just some rough notes to help in laying out a base town and getting the players ready for adventuring.  More to come...

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