Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I is for Ignore and Inspiration

I is for Ignore and Inspiration
I was running a little short on ideas for a single subject post so I doubled up on this also.  Consider it a bonus  since there are two different subjects for this post.  If you must, then consider it as just covering up for a lack of ideas – take your pick!
I is for Ignore
What portions of the B/X rules system will I ignore for the Toldara campaign?  The B/X rules are not cumbersome to use at all.  In fact, they are adequate, complete, and very manageable.  That is the main attraction for using them.  There are, however, a few things that I am probably not going to use during play.
Alignment languages: I have just never been a fan of the alignment tongues; it seems silly to me.  I *think* they were included to simulate stuff like “the dark speech of Mordor” mentioned by Gandalf or maybe the true name magic from Earthsea.  It is an intriguing concept and is relevant to the fantasy genre of fiction but I do not like the super simple alignment language system in D&D.
Level titles: I have absolutely no objections to level titles for the classes.  I just do not want to come up with new titles for any new classes I design – plain and simple.  If a player wants to use level titles then that is perfectly fine with me.
I is for Inspiration
What is my inspiration for the Toldara campaign and where does it come from?  The easiest answer is that there is not just one source for my inspiration and I have used several ideas from several areas.  The more detailed answer is below.
Miscellaneous: I have drawn ideas from many different sources over the years.  If I run across something I like from a book, TV show, video game, or other source then I will try to include it.  For example, I like the concept of the Cauldron-Born monsters from The Prydain Chronicles by Lloyd Alexander.  I would like to work up a conversion of them but it has been years since I read the books.  It does give me a reason to read them again.
Old Campaigns: There are a ton of old campaigns we played when I was growing up.  Admittedly, I do not remember all of the details but if I can remember something cool or useful then there is no reason that I cannot recycle it.
Original Toldara: The original Toldara was based on the 3E/PF rules but this campaign is firmly based in the B/X rules.  That does not mean that I am simply going to convert everything over.  I am using this opportunity to think about what I would do differently.  It is safe to consider it something like an ElseWorlds story from DC.  The B/X campaign will be familiar but different in its own right.


  1. I agree with you on the implentaion of the Alignment tongues. I do use them, but change them from some mystically-gained speech to something along te lines of Latin or the Black Speech of Mordor. that is, a tongue that is learned. I actually do like the 3.0/3.5 idea of languages like Abyssal and Celestial.

  2. Alignment languages never made sense to me.

    Have you thought about getting rid of all languages? I mean why have so many of them? Sure it may be realistic to have a lot of languages (just not how D&D does it), but does it add anything?

    Suppose you come across a book or a person that speaks a different language. If no PC know the language, then there is a hindrance to communication. If a PC does, then only that PC can communicate. It seems to me that languages only serve as a way to isolate players from actions or keep information from them. That can have its purpose, but I think you can do that same without having to resort to all the languages D&D uses.

    If you look at LA, Gygax got rid of languages pretty much for that reason. I am just not sure how much use languages are to a fantasy campaign.