Tuesday, April 16, 2013

N is for No Experience Awards for Treasure

N is for No Experience Awards for Treasure
The slow advancement table was used when the Toldara campaign was converted over to the Pathfinder rules.  I seem to remember during our B/X days in my youth that the characters seemed to advance pretty quickly.  Honestly, we may have been doing it "wrong" but that is just my impression.  There will be some changes to the B/X experience rules found on page B22 to simulate slower advancement:
  • Experience Points are only awarded for monster's defeated by following the table on page B22.
  • No experience is awarded for non-magical treasure found during play.
  • The total experience gained during an adventure is split among all participants, not just the survivors.  If someone does not make it, then tat share of the experience is lost.
  • All characters, whether PC or NPC, get one full share of the experience awarded.  Whether directed or not the NPC followers and hirelings participated to the party's success.
Of course, this is subject to change but that is my idea for slower character advancement. 


  1. Nice post!

    I've done this a lot of different ways but in our current campaign, we just finished fifth session and no one has hit second level yet. I haven't been giving experience for magic items. I am enjoying the slow crawl to the next level.

  2. Personally, I like the slower track for advancement because as a player, I get more time to see where I want my character to go. Allowing for a slow progression gives us the time to see what we want our focuses to be.