Monday, April 22, 2013

S is for Slarn (B/X Monster)

S is for Slarns (a B/X Monster)
Slarns are another option for a PC race from the Toldara campaign; I am not 100% sure that the Karnin are going to be a playable race in the B/X campaign so I am providing them as a monster entry in B/X format.  The Slarns are somewhat similar in appearance to the Lizard Men but Slarns inhabit the deserts and tropical climates of Toldara. Some speculate the two species may be related but the truth is uncertain.   

Slarn version 1.0
Armor Class:       5                                                              No. Appearing:    1-6 (5-50)
Hit Dice:               1+1                                                          Save As:                Fighter 1
Move:                   90’ (30’)                                                 Morale:                 8          
Attacks:                2 claws/ 1 bite/ 1 weapon                 Treasure Type:     U
Damage:              1-4/1-6/by weapon                             Alignment:             Neutral
Slarns are green scaled humanoids resembling a lizard or alligator in appearance.  Slarns typically reside in the tropical and desert regions of Toldara.  Slarns tend to stick to their own lands but some do set out into the larger world seeking adventure.  For every 20 Slarn encountered there will be one leader (level 3-8: 1d6+3) and who may have magical items. To check for possible magical items, multiply the leader’s level by 5.  The result is the percentage chance for that leader to own a magical item from any one particular subtable.  Roll separately for each subtable, and check all the magic subtables.


  1. Do the Slarns have natural armor? Utilize camouflage? Are they tribal at all?

    1. All good questions!

      I am debating on natural armor OR some sort of damage reduction that increases with levels. Any ideas?

      I have debated about making them have chameleon like abilities.

      Yes, they are tribal.

      Details soon...