Wednesday, April 13, 2022

A to Z 10 Year Update: K is for Krull

This post has been updated since it was originally posted on April 12, 2012.

A to Z 2012: Gaming in the 1980s


Here is another post that fits the "gamers that did more than just game" category of 80's memories.  The trailer for Krull is below:

Several of us went to the theatre and saw this film.  There was no D&D movie at the time but this was a close approximation to the way many  groups played the game [atleast for a short period of time]- as in, they did not strictly stick to fantasy but also threw in a little science fiction also.  Not to mention that TSR mixed science fiction and fantasy with EXPEDITION TO THE BARRIER PEAKS.  I admit that it is not a cinematic masterpiece BUT it is better than the official D&D movie that we got.

I don't have any new real insights to add to this post, but I did find some links that may be of interest to anyone that wants more information.  

One person's nostalgic look at the Krull movie can be found in this youtube video.

A look at the Atari 2600 Krull game can be found in this video.

The Glaive entry of the Krull Wiki is found here.


  1. God, I love that movie! It's an objectively bad one, but it's just so D&D! I didn't get to see it in theaters, but my friends and I watched it so many times on VHS! And yes, we threw a lot of the creatures into our D&D games.

    1. I completely agree! I almost want a remake, but I really think they would probably just screw it up as they often do with remakes.