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A to Z 10 Year Update: L is for Living Steel

This post has been updated from the original version uploaded on April 13, 2012.

A to Z 2012: Gaming in the 19809s

Living Steel


  It seems unusual to do a post about a game that I have never played but I have also never read the rule book; I did hold it in my hands and flip through it at the used bookstore one day.  All the gory details about the game can be found from the listing at Waynes Books.  The book was in pretty horrid condition, so it immediately fell into the no purchase category.  I remember the price being asked for it was much higher than the condition warranted.  I have also wondered if I made the right choice about purchasing that hardbound rule book several years ago. 
So, what's the point of a post about a game I virtually have no knowledge about?  I remember seeing the ads in Dragon magazine in the 80's.  We were also looking for other directions besides D&D or "yet another fantasy game" and this looked to fit the bill.  I also remember that several of us wanted to get this game.  Come on, look at the cover!  That looks to be pretty much the opposite of D&D.  The only thing I know is from the reviews I have read; basically, hearsay is it.  The general impression seems to be that it was super detailed in just about everything from combat, world history, guns, etc.

We looked at several of the game stores but could never find the game.  None of us knew anything about mail order at the time so that wasn't even an  Maybe one of these days I can track it down at a reasonable price...  

I did find a copy of the rulebook at Half Price Books about 2 years ago.  Unfortunately, the condition was just downright dreadful with the corners all blown out, the cover peeling away from the book, and various other signs of heavy use and wear.  At least whoever owned it previously had gotten a ton of play out of the book from the appearance and condition.

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