Monday, August 25, 2014

A Little Bit of Blog Maintenance

Just in case you noticed that things looks slightly different around here or can not find something that got moved from the previous location it was in, here is a quick rundown on a few small changes I made:

Old Gaming Notebook tab: I got rid of the tab at the top of the page but I moved the contents to the Collected Posts tab.

Collected Posts tab: Relocated the contents of the Old Gaming Notebook tab to this location and reduced the size of the font. 

Open Game License (OGL) tab: I renamed this tab to Legal and added information about the Palladium Books® Internet Policy including a link to their web pages.

Miscellaneous: I edited a few recent posts to ensure they were compliant with the Palladium Books® Internet Policy. 

Move along.  This is not one of the gaming related blog posts you are looking for...

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