Wednesday, August 13, 2014

#RPGaDay Post 13

I ran across the idea for this blogfest at The Other Side and decided to participate because it seemed like a good way to back into the groove on posting since work has been keeping all of us so busy lately.   At least a few of these topics have been covered in previous posts but here it goes... 

Most Memorable Character Death
The old group I was in during my youth tended to play a ton of fantasy or supers games.  Occasionally, we stepped outside those genres and explored new games.  One of our favorite games was Paranoia.  For anyone that does not know it is a satirical dystopian future setting. The players generate a team of special investigators that are trying to root out and take care of "commie mutant traitors" while they are commie mutant traitors themselves.    

The name "Paranoia" is appropriate because all of the characters wind up running around with their eyes on the other citizens, their team members, avoid getting taken out of action or turned in to security, and trying to mastermind a plot to get the other players.  The players also have a security clearance based on the old R-O-Y-G-B-I-V color scheme of the rainbow.  Your clothing will be this color and it will be apparent you are out of your authorized zone due to the color scheme of your surroundings.  Your characters start out at the bottom of the totem pole or close to it and can potentially advance up the ranks.  If your character gets killed it is not a problem because every character has six clones waiting to take their place!

I do not remember a lot of details from our Paranoia games but I do remember them being fun.  The first time we played our characters were eliminated several times each and we cycled through our clones pretty quickly.  I recall one death occurred as the team had some potential commie mutant traitor cornered.  He was resisting so we broke out some experimental weaponry that we had for the mission.  It malfunctioned and blew up.  The resulting explosion changed the color of our clothing.  Security shows up and vaporizes us on the spot.  Our clones went into action and we continued on.  There were several more deaths each and I honestly do not remember if any of us made it to adventure another day.

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