Wednesday, August 27, 2014

#RPGaDay Post 27

I ran across the idea for this blogfest at The Other Side and decided to participate because it seemed like a good way to get back into the groove on posting since work has been keeping all of us so busy lately.   At least a few of these topics have been covered in previous posts but here it goes...

Game You’d Like To See A New / Improved Edition Of…
When I first started writing this post I had several candidates to choose from for the game I would most like to see a new or improved edition.  After thinking it over for a bit I have actually changed my answer to something that was not one of my original considerations.  My original choice was going to be the Palladium Role-Playing Game® but I thought if I am going to aim high then I might as well aim for something that most likely will never happen.  

I would like to see an updated, streamlined, and clarified Megaversal Rules System from Palladium Books®. I know there would be some objections but I do not want all of the core rules repeated in every core book as it has been up to this point.  I would like to see all of the core rules assembled in a Megaversal Rules System Core Book.  I mean every rule that is used throughout the entire Megaverse® together in one spot.  I want all errata incorporated into the text and clarifications made throughout the system.  I hear that Kevin Siembieda does not even use the rules as written in his games so I want some sidebars that highlight some of these optional rules scattered throughout the manual; maybe some of the best house rules from the forums or the Rifter® also. I want a thorough index at the back.  I also want it in hardback.  

Now, each core rule book could be completely focused on the game and setting.  Sure, there could be a chapter at the beginning of each core book that will highlight some rules modifications and additions for that particular game but the point is that the core book has much more space available for specific information. Simply put, the same old rules sections are not getting repeated with each new game.  I realize that it would take two books to start up any Palladium product with this setup but that is not really outside the norm these days.  I really think it could make the games run smoother and it would be easier to manage because more useful information could be packed into each core book.  

I know this will never happen but it was fun to write about. There were other choices that I could have made - Adventures in Fantasy, Lejendary Adventures, and The Fantasy Trip are several - but this is the one that really captured my imagination.  Maybe one of these days it will happen...   

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