Sunday, August 31, 2014

#RPGaDay Post 30

I ran across the idea for this blogfest at The Other Side and decided to participate because it seemed like a good way to get back into the groove on posting since work has been keeping all of us so busy lately.   At least a few of these topics have been covered in previous posts but here it goes...

Yet again, this post is also late due to work commitments combined with 20th Anniversary celebration so I could not get ahead.

Rarest RPG Owned
I have owned several rare role-playing games over the years but I am down to only two that I currently own. I am not sure which one is more rare but I would think either of these games would make a good response.

Adventures in Fantasy is a fantasy game by Dave Arneson and Richard Snider.  I have made several posts about it and I will continue to do so.  Forge: Out of Chaos is a fantasy heartbreaker I picked up second hand for $5 if I recall correctly.  I have looked at it a bit here and there but I have never gotten around to any serious study of the game rules but I need to at some point.


  1. Forge: Out of Chaos is a great game. It's one of two Ron Edwards dicussed in his two fantasy heartbreaker essays that I have bothered to track down all the published material (the other if Fifth Age). The thing that really struck me about this game is reading it I just didn't want to play it but I really wanted to play it with the designers.

    1. Cool. That makes me want to do a serious study of the book even more. How is the rest of the published material?