Sunday, August 31, 2014

#RPGaDay Post 29

I ran across the idea for this blogfest at The Other Side and decided to participate because it seemed like a good way to get back into the groove on posting since work has been keeping all of us so busy lately.   At least a few of these topics have been covered in previous posts but here it goes...

This post is getting posted two days late because we were celebrating our 20th anniversary.  I was unable to get far enough ahead on scheduled posts to get it posted on time.

Most Memorable Encounter
I have played a ton of games over the last 34 with many memorable encounters.  I am not sure that I can pick just one encounter from those years as the "most memorable" of them all.  I can, however, give some thoughts about several encounters over the years.

One of the funniest encounters involved the party attempting to listen at a door.  We were absolutely certain that something was behind a closed door inside a dungeon so when the first character failed to hear anything we went around the table attempting the same action.  All of us failed so the first player, completely frustrated at this point, had his horse listen at the door.  The horse succeeded - at least we thought he did - but there was no way for use to understand the horse.

The first time we played Paranoia we cycled through several sets of clones fairly quickly.  Justin (the GM) nailed the play style right from the start but it took the rest of us a bit for it to "click" with that aha moment that really let us know we were in for something vastly different from our usual D&D games.

I am sure there are many more but those two are the ones that seem to stick out for me.

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