Tuesday, January 3, 2023

Dungeon 23 Part 3: North Gate

The North Gate of Frane generally stays open during daylight hours and gets closed when the sun starts lowering in the sky. Two guards (G), stationed on each side of the entrance, monitor the traffic coming through the gate.  Their main intent is to keep a watchful eye out for unsavory people that are known criminals and scam artists.  The guards also ensure that all vendors entering the city have their associated permits to set up a tent or stand in the Merchant Row area.  

These guards typically serve 8-hour shifts before getting relieved by the next shift.  If a situation arises that they cannot handle on their own, each guard has a whistle to blow in case of emergencies as well as a large bell hanging by the gate.  Using either of these will alert other members of the city watch to respond; typically, 2+1D6 of the guards will immediately respond.  When the gate is closed at nightfall, anyone seeking entrance must speak to the guards through the window in the middle of one of the doors.

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