Monday, January 2, 2023

Dungeon23 Part 2: Frane Map with Points of Interest

 The North Gate (1) and South Gate (9) are typically patrolled by two guards on watch.  They handle disturbances at the gates and ensure traffic flows smoothly.  They usually keep the gate open during the day and close them when the sun starts going down.  The guards have been instructed to tighten up security during this time. 

The Serenity Inn (2) is the third building on the West side of the road inside the North Gate.  Patrons can get a hardy bowl of stew, a mug of mead, or other refreshments.  There are several tables for seating and entertainment is available at times in the form of a storyteller or minstrels. The second floor has six rooms available to rent for a reasonable price.

Continuing South down the road you will find the Main Square (3) in the center of the city.  In the center of this area is the Notice Board (4) with various listings posted on it.  Situated around this area are tents, carts, and wagons comprising the Merchant Row (5) offering various goods for purchase by shoppers. A member of the city watch is usually stationed here to ensure that all vendors have a permit and to keep disputes civil.  

Travelling West down the street, you can find a Temple of the Redeemer (6) a short walk away from the Main Square area.  Across the street from the temple, Henrik's Supplies (7) offers all sorts of gear and items for sale.  Southeast of the Merchant Square area, The Bloody Claw (8) is tavern that has been known to host a rough crowd at times. 

Exiting the South Gate (9) you can access the bridge crossing over the river, or you can turn West and visit Riverfront (10), a port and dock area that serves as a stopping point of the local trade route among several cities.

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