Friday, January 6, 2023

Dungeon 23 Part 5: Notice Board [Catch Up Post]

This post is the first #Dungeon23 post of the day and will serve to get me caught up.

The notice board was placed in the main square of Frane years ago. It began as a way for the city officials to communicate with the citizenry and visitors. The notice board has grown to allow job postings and other types of announcements. People are free to place their information on the board all to read.  Some examples of the information that can be found on the notice board are stated below.

[1] Help Wanted at The Riverfront.  Dockmaster Jim seeks new dockhands. 

[2] Caravan to Aren seeking extra escorts. Contracts can be negotiated with the trademaster.

[3] Have you seen my cat? For reward, see Jasper.

[4] Survey team for newly discovered mine seeking extra security and help.  

[5] Have you heard the message of The Redeemer? Come to our Temple on the West side of the city.

[6] Help needed - Looking for a sturdy group to retrieve Nightshade.

[7] Rat infestation needs clearing.

more to come...

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