Sunday, January 1, 2023

Dungeon23 Part 1: Overworld Map

This is the overland map of the immediate area around the city of Frane in the center of the map.  Some information related to this setting and map is listed below.

The lower left-hand corner of the map contains the directional compass.  

The center of the map contains the city of Frane.  There has been pretty steady growth for several years and Frane is on the verge of becoming a hot spot or destination area for travelers. Frane is located on the North side of the river and there is a small dock and port area along the river that has spawned a fish market.  The port is a stop along the river trade route among several cities. There is a road leading North out of the city gates and a road on the South bank of the river.

Following the road North, there are three areas of interest not far from the city.  A set of ruins is to the East while a small village and lies to the West along with a small hut housing an old man close to the pond. Rumors persist that he could be a hermit, a wizard, and other interesting claims.

There is a recently uncovered opening in the small mountains on the south side of the river.  A recent storm system saw several lightning strikes in that area that caused several rockslides to occur. A survey team noticed the opening and has sent word back to the city for the possibility of further exploration.

You can call my #Dungeon23 project something like #Campaign23, #Resource23 or #Adventure23 because I'm following the spirit rather than the letter of the challenge. I'm very intrigued by the challenge but I thought I would be better off providing some sort of resource in every post rather than a new room every day. There may be encounters, rumor tables, new monsters to fight, details on parts of the city, or whatever else pops up.   I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone has to offer, and I hope I can muscle though to the end.


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