Wednesday, January 4, 2023

Dungeon23 Part 4: Serenity Inn

I'm foregoing a map depicting the Serentiy Inn at the moment.  The inn is more for background and flavor rather than important location that needs everything mapped out; most of that can be done one the fly if it's needed.  Honestly, I'm just not excited about drawing a floor plan for an inn right at this moment.  I will, however, provide some information below that may come up during play.

The Serenity Inn is located on the West side of the road a short distance inside of Frane.  The husband-and-wife team of Otto and Brianna have operated the establishment ever since Otto's father passed it down to his son a few years ago.  They maintain a welcoming atmosphere for the citizenry and visitors of Frane and the Serenity Inn has continued to be a popular place for celebrations and activities.

The main dining area has a counter that can seat eight people while there are 12 tables that can accommodate 4 people each.  There is a fireplace to keep the building warm and storytellers or minstrels have been known to perform from time to time in the main hall.  There is also a private party room that can be rented out by the hour as well as 6 rooms upstairs that can be rented for a comfortable night's sleep.  Some of the more popular dishes served at the Serenity Inn include potato soup, roast, and fish from the nearby river.

There are rarely any issues at the Serentiy Inn that can't be fixed by a warm bowl of soup or a refreshing cup of mead.  It's a pretty lowkey place without much drama.  If one asks around, some of the rumors you might hear include the following.

[1] A mine has recently been uncovered south of the river.

[2] The evil snake-cult of Grax has tried recruiting in town recently.

More to come later...

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