Saturday, January 7, 2023

Dungeon23 on Hold - Waiting on FULL OGL update

As the old saying goes, "things change", and it looks like the OGL is changing in a big way. This new OGL version 1.1 goes in a completely different direction than OGL version 1.0a.  My plan was to use Delving Deeper statistics for detailing any NPCs, magic items, monsters, etc. that might pop up during my #Dungeon23 posts.  I have decided to hold off on any posts until after January 13th of 2023, because that keeps getting thrown around as some sort of cutoff date.  I would like the full details that come with that date before continuing on with any support for any type of OGL product.  I'm most definitely not a lawyer experienced in intellectual property law, copyright, trademark, contract law, or any other similar area.  I'm just a gamer with a blog that gets a small bit of traffic and interaction from time to time.  I like putting up stuff to support the games I like BUT now I have to decide whether to support any OGL game in my blog or use some sort of "fair use and no infringement intended" notice to any house rule posts I put on my blog. I suspect the OGL tab at the top of my blog will disappear at some point in the future.  Make no mistake about it, I think Delving Deeper is one of the best games I have in my collection.  I have no problem with it, but I do have a problem supporting the OGL.

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