Saturday, April 10, 2021

[A to Z] I = In The Mouth Of Madness

IN THE MOUTH OF MADNESS is one of my all time favorite horror films.  I do not want to give any possible spoilers at all - can I really spoil a film released in 1994? - so I will keep the details to a minimum.  The best way to describe this film might be as a homage to H.P. Lovecraft directed by John Carpenter.  That should be enough! IN THE MOUTH OF MADNESS is an underappreciated effort starring an underappreciated Sam Neill.  This film will leave you wondering at the end.  Give it a chance and I do not think you will be disappointed.


  1. Hey, I talked about this one, too! Yippee!
    It is a real question about spoilers. I've been struggling with exactly that question, myself. At what point does the entire plot of a movie become fair game, because presumably everyone will really wants to see it has had a chance to do so?
    I think it may partially depend on whether it is a movie that depends on surprises and twists for its impact. Or something.
    Anyway, I also liked In The Mouth of Madness, but I found that I had very little to say about it. Basically, my reaction was, hey, that was cool. The Lovecraft vibe (and one or two Lovecraft references, if I remember correctly) was very neat.
    It sure did leave me wondering at the end. I think I found that both fun and mildly frustrating.

    1. Yep. I read your post earlier. The spoiler thing really has me wondering. One some of these movies I can't help but think that surely everyone who has wanted to see it has seen it by now. Other times I STILL think the less that's said, the better. Who knows? Ha ha

  2. I do like this one. But I am a Sam Neil and John Carpenter fan.

    Tim Brannan, The Other Side: 2021: The A to Z of Monsters