Thursday, April 22, 2021

[A to Z] S = Silent Hill

SILENT HILL is based on the video game franchise bearing the same name.  I have played a bit of the first two but I never completed either one of them.  I remember enjoying this movie and I used it for this challenge for no other reason than it does a great job of adapting the video game to the big screen.  SILENT HILL looks and feels right to me.  I will not try and argue that is perfect; it IS an adaptation after all.  It does, however, do a much better job of adapting the game to the big screen than many other video game movies have done.  


  1. I've never seen Silent Hill, and I'm weird about what video games I will play. With a few exceptions (the Fable series comes to mind), they have to be turn-based. That limits my selection. Have you ever played Mordheim: City of the Damned? Love that game, especially because it is based on a classic tabletop game that I have also played. Which is why I mention it to you. Because you also play tabletop war-games. Also, because I have very little to say about Silent Hill besides that it looks pretty freaky.

    1. That's not weird. You just know what you like. I tend to stick to role-playing games, real time strategy, and turn-based. Mordheim is one game I have always meant to play - video game or tabletop - but I just never have. I dig tehe "GW style" so Necromunda is another tabletop game I want to try.