Monday, April 19, 2021

[A to Z] P = Puppet Master

As I stated in an earlier post, I have been a fan of B-movie horror films since the 1980s.  In my opinion Full Moon Features is the best representative of those types of films with series such as Subspecies, Killjoy, Gingerdead Man, and PUPPET MASTER.  I am pretty confident that if you have rented from a video store in the 90s or early 2000s then you have either seen some of these movies on the shelves or seen previews for at least one of these movies.  

I own all of the PUPPET MASTER movies except for the last two if I remember correctly; I would verify but the movies are all packed up so my best guess will have to be used.  These movies - especially the first four - have held up pretty well.  The effects are practical and look pretty decent for the most part.  There are a few cases where things are not quite right but this is lower budget stuff.  I will take these puppets over the shoddy CGI used for the Scorpion King in The Mummy 2 any time.

The PUPPET MASTER movie series does not flow in a strict timeline with each new movie following the movie before.  There are movies that go back in the timeline and detail past events.  One movie is a standalone movie and one of the newest ones - that I have not seen - even serves as a reboot or alternate universe story.  

Overall, PUPPET MASTER is a fun series of films.  They are films that try to do B-movies with a little bit of substance and quality instead of just turning out some garbage.  Give one a chance.  You just might like it... 


  1. Love a lot of the Full Moon movies (Subspecies, for example, is pretty cool), but I have never actually seen Puppet Master. Any of them.

    1. Yeah, Subspecies is great! Oh wow! They're kinda gonzo in spots but Puppet Master is a pretty cool series.