Thursday, April 1, 2021

[A to Z] A = Alien

I bet some of you are thinking "Alien isn't even a horror movie.  It's science fiction.".  Yes, it is a science fiction movie but it has strong horror elements.  I have always considered Alien a sci-fi horror film.  The film has the characters facing the unknown, moments of isolation from the group, jump scares, darkness, body invasion, etc.  It feels like a horror movie set in space to me.  

I think ALIEN and ALIENS are great films.  I have watched them both numerous times.  ALIEN³ is flawed but I still do watch it occasionally; I have heard the original concept for the third film was to have an all out battle on Earth with the xenomorphs.  That could have been great! ALIEN: Resurrection has some decent ideas but I enjoy that film the least out of the four.  PROMETHEUS did a lot of things right but I can not help but feel it is also flawed. Finally, ALIEN: Covenant just felt like a wasted opportunity to me.  For my ALIEN fix I turn to the numerous novels, video games, and the ALIEN Role-Playing Game.     


  1. I think that often the line is very blurry between the two genres. And, I mean, Alien went on my list of horror movies, so obviously I agree that it counts as horror. In fact, I didn't even question its right to be on my list. And, I mean, horror is one of those awkward genres, like comedy. More of a mood, really. Then again, there are movies that are "pure" horror.
    I have seen Alien and Aliens. That's it. They were both really good, but I am not currently planning to watch the other films in the franchise (though I admit I am intrigued by Prometheus, and I may end up seeing it at some point).

    1. Agreed. I expected a little pushback but I have received none from including Alien. Alien and Aliens are definitely the best of the franchise. While there may be some quibble room on Prometheus it is the best of the rest of the films.

    2. All the Alien films fall into the horror category for me, despite being “in spaaaaace.” And, again, I am in agreement with you regarding your take on these (though I love the 2nd for the sheer campy space marine action).

      And, yes, also agree Prometheus may be “the best of the rest.” I enjoyed this one more than...well, more than anyone I know who’s seen it. I find it fascinating.