Wednesday, April 21, 2021

[A to Z] R = Race with the Devil

RACE WITH THE DEVIL is one of those movies that played on several Friday or Saturday nights when I was a young boy during the 1980s.  According to the wikipedia entry RACE WITH THE DEVIL was released in 1975. It would fit right in with some 80s movies like Mazes & Monsters, Witchboard, etc. that used Witchcraft and/or Satanism as part of their horror.

The plot of RACE WITH THE DEVIL is pretty easy to follow.  Two couples are on vacation in a RV and camp for the night.  The men run across a ritual where a woman is sacrificed.  They get noticed and chased throughout the rest of the movie.  I remember bits and pieces of this movie but what really caught in my memory was the ending.  No spoilers; see for yourself!  


  1. I tried to watch Witchboard, but... I hate to admit this, but it bored us so badly we gave up on it! At least, I think that was the problem. Still... gosh, perhaps it should go on the list. We saw at least half the movie.
    As for Race with the Devil, I feel as if I have heard of it, or seen a review somewhere, but I know I've never seen it. Would you recommend it?

    1. I have to agree on Witchboard. I caught it in progress the other day actually. I used to really like it but it is a bore now.

      As for Race With the Devil....I would recommend the film; especially for fans of 80s horror. It iS a little earlier than that BUT it has a similar tone plus it ties in to the devil worshipper concerns that were common back then.