Friday, April 16, 2021

[A to Z] N = Nightmares

NIGHTMARES used to play on television somewhat frequently in my local area.  It was one of those weekend or late night monster movies that used to air during the summer time.  NIGHTMARES is a collection of four short stores that make up a larger film.  It has been suggested that it was intended as shorts for an existing anthology series or a pilot for a new show.  The show never materialized so the four stories in this film are all that is available.

NIGHTMARES consists of the following four stories. Terror in Topanga is a retelling of the urban legend about a killer in the backseat of the car.  The Bishop of Battle is basically Tron done in reverse.  It is my favorite of the stories and the one I remember the best.  It has a young Emilio Estevez in the cast.  The Benediction is about a Priest that is slipping in his faith and his encounter with a satanic car.  Night of the Rat is about a family dealing with a rat in their house.

I have not seen this movie in years; probably twenty to be exact. I remember really enjoying The Bishop of Battle segment.  Of course, arcades and home video game systems were really big at that time so that makes sense.  I honestly do not remember much about the other other stories.  I need to track down a copy of this film to see it again.


  1. An anthology! Do you know if it is available in any streamable or otherwise instantly-available form? Because we'd totally be into watching this one tonight.

    1. I wish I did know if it was available somewhere streaming. I haven't seen this since the 80s for sure but might have had an early 90s viewing. Either way it's been a looooonnnnnggggggg time.